Obiajulu – A birthday poem to Ob Fado

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From the first of his baby sounds
I knew someday on the air waves his voice will resound,
The strength of his grip when he weighed but a few pounds
Assured me that my son will go beyond all bounds
And break free from the shackles of his background.
Yes, tales of his exploits will through Amaeshi resound.

Now my mind can truly rest
For in him I am really blest,
Yes, my kinsmen I have passed the test
For today to a son I can now attest,
A bundle of joy to cradle to my chest.
Eziokwu, now my mind can surely rest.

The sight of him fills my heart with joy
For I reminisce on when he was just a boy
Sitting astride my laps playing with his toy,
My hands stroking his dark curly hair
Inhaling the sweet scent of his innocent air
Mother and son we made a lovely pair.

Black and White memories of his teenage years,
His dare devil days when he had no fears,
My motherly nagging he gave no ear
Yet to God I prayed to drag him near,
Despite his exuberance I held him dear
And today in him I have no cause to shed a tear.

Every inch of the man you are gives me pride,
The joy you give is like a roller coaster ride,
Today we will dance and sing from side to side
Till the sun goes down we will feast and dine,
Toasting to longevity with glasses of bubbling wine,
Today on your Birthday I wish that your light continue to shine.

Written by Ferdinand King