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Google announces Android Oreo – here are the key features

Google is continuing to refine and improve the Android operating system and has tonight announced some more key features coming to the next iteration. As in past years, the new version

Google has been recording you. Here’s how to delete the files

You probably know that

But what you may not realize

Science Finally Discovered Why Flamingos Stand on 1 Leg

The balancing act requires less muscular effort and allows the

Fake Google firm shut down after probe

The United Kingdom’s Insolvency Service has closed a Manchester-based company that pretended it was linked to Google following an investigation. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the agency said Movette had

7 tricks to speed up your iPhone’s charging process

Every You have 10 minutes until you have to leave and you're in the red. So, what do you do? Well, you may not be able to charge your phone

Creating new wealth on Sardinia, without cash

An artichoke farmer … a cheese maker … a tile manufacturer … a butcher: They're all part of a network of thousands of businesses on the island of Sardinia that

Hackers could control internet-connected cars

Hackers could potentially take control of internet-connected cars and cause accidents - as manufacturers are urged to better protect them from cyberattacks.

Smart vehicles allowing drivers to access maps,

The Next Apple Watch Will Have a Feature Runners Will Love

Currently, Apple requires its smartwatch to be connected wirelessly to

Toyota seeks stronger alliance with Mazda

Toyota said Friday it would discuss strengthening its partnership with Mazda as reports said they were close to a deal on a capital tie-up and building a $1.6 billion factory

The best astronomy pictures of the year are absolutely stunning

When you gaze up at the night sky, you're not just looking at celestial objects far away in space. You're

Five new features that make Facebook video accessible

Last week, Facebook announced updates to Live 360, its video feature which immerses viewers into a scene, giving them the opportunity to explore and experience new environments virtually. The new updates,

Be Careful With Whom You Connect on Social Media

Now that Fortune’s

As you swap digital business cards and

Six new things you can do with Google Search

The majority of Nigerians are familiar with Google’s search engine, with the phrase “to ‘google’” acquiring the status of a verb. Indeed, most arguments are often resolved with the decision

“Adobe Flash will be dead in 3 years, and it’s about time”

Adobe is finally killing off its Flash plugin,

The firm