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Regular sex good for men, hardly benefits women —Study

Having regular sex has been linked to the reduction in men’s homocysteine levels, a harmful chemical found in the blood which can trigger life-threatening cardiac problems. Research found that having

Facebook to produce own TV series, games

Facebook is starting production on high-quality television series and gaming shows to be broadcast on its platform, one of the social media giant’s executives said on Monday.

The online platform,

New on Snapchat: maps to find friends

The Snapchat app has a new way to find and communicate with friends, and it's called the Snap Map. The company announced it Wednesday. Go to the App Store to update

NASA reveals 10 new planets that could have life discovered

In a grand finale of planet-spotting prowess, NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has tracked down 219 new planets outside our solar system — including 10 that could have the right qualifications for

In China, universities teach how to go viral online

A 21-year-old student walked around her campus in China using invaluable skills she learned in class: Holding a selfie stick aloft, she livestreamed her random thoughts and blew kisses at

China launches its first X-ray space telescope

China successfully launched on Thursday its first X-ray space telescope to study black holes, pulsars and gamma-ray bursts, state media reported. A Long March-4B rocket carried the 2.5-tonne telescope into orbit

Microsoft upgrades software to check cyber attacks

Software giant, Microsoft, is currently patching older versions of Windows operating system (OS) to check potential attacks against governments and organisations in foreign countries outside the United States. The company’s Security

Verizon Takes Over Yahoo, Marissa Mayer Steps Down as CEO

Verizon has taken over Tuesday's closure of the sale ends Yahoo's 21-year history as a publicly traded company. It also ends the nearly Yahoo's email and other digital services such

How e-cigarettes can be used to hack computers

Security researchers have demonstrated how e-cigarettes can easily be modified into tools to hack computers.

With only minor modifications, the vape pen can be used by attackers to compromise

Apple unveils smart speaker and operating system

Apple has announced a new smart speaker device and a new iPad Pro, as well as upgrades to its mobile and desktop operating systems.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Google moves to block ‘annoying’ ads in browser

Google is working to block "annoying" ads in its Chrome browser, part of a broader effort by industry players to filter out certain types of marketing messages that

Itel Mobile named ‘most’ student friendly brand

Itel Mobile, a global leader in mobility solution has once again been recognized for its consistent support for talents, especially among Nigerian students, earning it the most student friendly

Yudala cautions smartphone users on free public Wi-Fi

Yudala, an e-commerce company has cautioned smartphone users on the use of free public Wi-Fi, due to the risk of information hacking. Yudala’s Head of Corporate Communications, Gideon Ayogu gave

Rolls Royce ‘Sweptail’: The Most Expensive Car Ever Unveiled

A valued customer of Rolls-Royce requested for a one-off car and the engineers came up with something inspired by racing yachts and the architecture of classics from the ’20s and