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Obiajulu – A birthday poem to Ob Fado

Obiajulu... From the first of his baby sounds I knew someday on the air waves his voice will resound, The strength of his grip when he weighed but a few pounds Assured me that

Along came a star – Dedicated to Fado

Will that my ears hear the tale of the birth of a star, how the skylines gave way and along came a star. Will that I seal these doors, these doors of deathblows drumbeat, drumbeat of

Nine pregnant girls rescued from ‘baby factory’ in Enugu

Operatives of the 9th Mile Division of Enugu State Police Command  raided a ‘baby factory’ located at Etiti in  Amankwo-Ngwo Udi Local Government Area where they rescued nine pregnant girls. The ‘baby

Children’s day poem by Sweta Leena Panda

A child is blessed every day A child is innocent A child is beautiful gift of god So never ever hate them for who they are or how they are They wanna to


There she goes with a face like a gorgeous princess Her eyes shining like a priceless gem stone She feels uneasy as my eye pierces her deep ebony skin Oh what a creature


Oh Amaka!!! The most beautiful word that we have in Igbo land Used to describe everything that looks grand Your teeth sparkle like diamond in the sky Because winners only wanna reach the sky Asa-nwa

Summer Boo

Just as the name implies “Summer” could be a season Yes, the warmest season of the year Or it could mean the warmest lady I’ve ever met Though, Careful to love to avoid mistakes But


I woke up this morning Looking so refreshing But something wasn’t right Was it about the night? Hey! I slept alright And the day looks bright My soul kept searching My heart still pondering My head was pounding My

Love is love

Love is love Love is like a dove It spreads its wings Without a fling It expects no sting But just wanna sing Great songs of inspiration That has no fixed duration Love roars like a beast Looking for

With you forever

Now it's all hearty and merry, So much celebration and no worry, Bottles of Champagne popping like thunder, Everyone satisfying their thirst and hunger, Will it last forever I wonder? The future I think and

I cried and i became stronger

It has been six bitter-sweet years that I met her My body and my soul longed for her I reached out and told her that I wanted her And then I had a

Love circles (Poem)

We can only crawl once We can only laugh once We can only shut our eyes once We can only be here once Who's fault is it? It's our identity Created by the greatest deity Which questions

The Fear Of Umaru By Ifeatu Andrew

The fear of umaru is the beginning of wisdom That is the trend in my own kingdom He has abandoned the sale of tom-tom All he has for sale is a

The Murder Of Omenaala

Once upon a time Men with broad shoulders drank white wine Sweetened by visits of the African fly The young sat around the fire to hear tales in the evening