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Do Not Marry Anybody That Does This –Relationship Expert Warns

A Ghanaian relationship expert and marriage counselor popularly known as Counselor Adofoli has warned intending singles and couples against marrying a partner who locks his or her phone. The relationship

5 types of people who might not be marriage material

Do you hope to get mar­ried one day? Make sure you choose wisely. Pick­ing the wrong mate could cause you a lifetime of emotional pain and even serious health problems.

See the 11 reasons why couples fight and breakup

  Many people get into relationships with high expectations but speedily rush out when the going gets tough. Whenever you hear about a couple’s relationship issues or a dissolution of marriage,

10 signs your relationship is depressing you

If you are feeling powerless in your relationship, either in general or because of a particular problem, odds are high that depression will creep into your emotional state. Depression can feel like you're

How to walk away from a failing relationship

When a relationship is getting on your nerves or gaining a better part of you negatively - run for your dear life! It means it's time to quit. Now quitting

5 ways to say ‘i’m sorry’ to your man

Men could be as hard as rock when you hurt their feeling but finding a way to say i am sorry could get you more loved if you

What will you do if you find your twin in bed with your partner?

A man has claimed that he accidentally had sex with his wife’s identical twin sister in the dark – and only realized when he reached round to feel her boobs

She was addicted to porn & masturbated 6 times a day

For nearly seven years this young woman carried a dark secret – she was addicted to porn. At her worst point Oghosa Ovienrioba, 22, would lock herself in a room and

If you have a heart, this story will melt you!!!

A doctor entered the hospital in hurry after being called in for an urgent surgery. He answered the call asap, changed his clothes & went directly to the surgery block. He

A love story that will make you cry…sobbing!

There was once a guy who suffered from cancer... a cancer that can't be treated. He was 18 years old and he could die anytime. All his life, he was

Wife divorces husband for his “Pot Belly”

The woman told court that she had repeatedly asked her husband to follow a diet to bring his weight down but he would not listen. “The woman told court that her

New year resolutions! Are you keeping it or killing it?

Yeaaaaa! It's a new year, I trust that you have made your resolution and I think it's absolutely cool. All I hope is that it is genuine this time and not

20 Romantic Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

I know some guys would have my head for this but i need to help my sisters out. Trying to get a little bit more intimate with that special someone

12 wrong things girls check before marrying a guy

Many ladies are known to base their marital decisions on things that will not endure a life-time. These have led many of them into wrong marriages and life time bondage.